Yorkshire Dales, Cycling and a Disposable Camera

Last summer I travelled¬†from Manchester to Skipton using an overcrowded transpenine express service. The space allocated to bicycles on trains is generally pretty poor but the Manchester to Leeds train is one of the better ones, despite this a passenger managed to soil her white trousers on my chain which made an already arduous journey even worse. She weren’t happy. Oops! After a quick change and a feed at my grans in Skipton (the gateway to the Yorkshire dales) I set off towards Kettlewell to meet with my Dad and my Brother. Immediately regretting the extra serving of soup and crusty bread I put my head down and got on with ride. The weather in Kettlewell was pretty miserable and the remainder of the afternoon was spent sat in the porch way to the tent chatting, listening to the intermittent down pours and remarking on how¬†a series of smudges on the gas lantern looked like the face of family guy’s Stewie Griffin. This continued until the point it was deemed an acceptable time to go to the pub. The next day the rain cleared and we set off towards Hawes. I was trying to travel as light as possible so no DSLR with me this time, the disposable camera was a last minute idea and I can’t remember the last time I shot one, a wedding perhaps? I had a lot of fun cycling down the smooth, fast and undulating roads of the Dales chatting with my brother and dad camera in hand, taking disposable pictures with my disposable camera.

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